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Separate representation for children

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Playing a part in proceedings (Re W (a child) (public law proceedings: child’s separate representation)) 10/11/2016 Family analysis: Discussing the judgment in Re W, Maud Davis, partner at TV Edwards LLP, says it is clear that practitioners and...

Widow of Falklands war veteran wins legal battle to save frozen embryos

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So said the headline in the Guardian on 28.09.16. The bitter-sweet case of Samantha Jefferies, widely reported in the media, concerned the storage of embryos created during fertility treatment. The President’s judgment (in Re...

Children in Danger of Being Removed to War Zones

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Maud Davis, Member Partner here at TV Edwards comments for LexisNexis on the growing issue of parents trying to go to Syria with their children and how the family courts should manage the problem. Re X (Children) and Y (Children) (Emergency...