Complex and lengthy Criminal Trials

On 3rd March 2016 JUSTICE published an important report into Complex and Lengthy Criminal trials. 

Members of TV Edwards Serious Fraud & Regulatory department contributed to this report with Anthony Edwards being a member of the working party and Matthew Hardcastle providing research assistance in relation to remedies for over long investigations

Complex and Lengthy Criminal Trials Report

TV Edwards Serious Fraud & Regulatory Department

The dedicated Serious Fraud & Regulatory Department of TV Edwards LLP has significant experience in representing individuals accused of serious fraud and other serious professional impropriety. Our expertise has been developed over many years, in some of the highest-profile and widest-ranging investigations conducted by bodies such as the SFO, CPS Special casework and, HMRC..


Established  in 1957 by a group of leading  jurists, JUSTICE is an all-party law reform and human rights organisation  working to strengthen  the justice system  – administrative,  civil  and  criminal  – in  the  United Kingdom.  We  are a membership  organisation,  composed largely of legal  professionals, ranging from law students to the senior judiciary. For further information see