Hope Robinson

Hope Robinson

Hope Robinson


Hope started her law career as a volunteer at Camden Community Law Centre in Housing and Immigration Law. She has a post-graduate diploma in Law.She has an extensive background working with vulnerable people and working in the community.

Hope previously worked in the community in areas such as criminal justice and community care. Before coming to TV Edwards she volunteered in Housing and Immigration Law , which made her understanding of law better-rounded and comprehensive.

Hope is motivated by the belief everyone should have access to justice regardless of income. Hope previously worked in the community with vulnerable people ensuring access to key community services for clients with physical and mental health difficulties.  

Hope regularly volunteers at Camden Community Law Centre, She offers advise (under supervision ) during drop in sessions to Camden residents on various immigration issues such as : UK permanent residence applications for EEA citizens; British citizens seeking to apply for permission to bring spouse to the UK; indefinite leave to remain for Refugees. As well as volunteering and studying Hope worked part time as a lifeguard.