Jennifer Blyth

Jennifer Blyth

Jennifer Blyth


Jennifer has worked in the legal sector since 2000 and qualified as a solicitor in 2008, moving to a firm based in Slough in 2009 where she started as a general litigator.  As a legal aid practitioner Jennifer built experience in defending the home and moved into homelessness work in 2011, when she became a legal aid housing supervisor.  Having joined TV Edwards in 2016, Jennifer’s role involves advising in possession and homelessness matters including cases where adult and children’s social services departments owe housing duties.  

Jennifer has enjoyed success in challenging local authorities’ decisions to deny housing duties to homelessness applicants within statutory reviews and appealing to the County Court on a point of law.  Jennifer is also well used to seeking injunctive relief in urgent housing judicial review claims to ensure that vulnerable homeless clients are provided with temporary accommodation.  

Jennifer also has experience in seeking injunctions and claims for damages in unlawful eviction cases to enable clients to return to their homes and/or recover financial damages from errant landlords.   Shelter is a basic human need and Jennifer’s priority is to use the public funding available to ensure that as many people as possible get housed or retain their homes.

Jennifer works hard to make complex legal processes accessible to her clients.  What Jennifer enjoys most is winning, as this means that her clients either get housed or keep their homes.  Jennifer especially relishes exploring all available avenues to advance and enforce the housing rights of children, the disabled and other vulnerable tenants and social housing applicants.  

Areas of specialism

  • Homelessness Statutory Reviews
  • Housing Judicial Review and Injunctive Relief Applications
  • Defending Possession Proceedings
  • Defending Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions & Committal Applications
  • Housing Discrimination Cases
  • Children Act 1989 Support & Accommodation

Understanding , helpful , competent and skilful.