Mandeep Gill

Mandeep Gill

Mandeep Gill


Mandeep Gill is a specialist solicitor in the International Children team.

Mandeep’s particular specialism for a number of years has been complex international children cases such as child abduction under the Hague Convention for both Applicant and Respondents, applications under the Inherent Jurisdiction/Wardship, enforcement/recognition under Brussels II Revised and international permission  to remove/relocation cases. As a result of Mandeep’s specialism in the international movement of children, the vast majority of her cases are conducted at the High Court. Mandeep is regularly instructed by the International Child Abduction and Contact Unit.

Mandeep also undertakes other children work such as cases where applications have been made for Child Arrangement Orders and prohibited steps Order.

Mandeep has worked for Reunite, the leading UK charity advising parents in respect of dealing with international child abduction. Mandeep advised parents on the reunite advice line and was one of the coordinators who undertook research for the media coverage of a number of international child abduction cases. She also assisted in the collation of statistics for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and for The International Child Abduction and Contact Unit.

Mandeep was interviewed on Sky Channel MATV and Freeview HD Channel Hellenic TV in relation to her child abduction work. She has conducted podcasts with CPDcasts and a live webinar for lexis Nexis. 

On invitation, Mandeep addressed the Canadian Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights in relation to international children matters. 

Mandeep is the treasurer of the Child Abduction Lawyers Association (CALA). She speaks fluent Punjabi and conversational Hindi and Urdu.