Mavis Campbell

Mavis Campbell

Mavis Campbell

Consultant Solicitor

Mavis Campbell was admitted as a solicitor in July 2000. She specialises in mental health and human rights law. The primary focus of her work is restricted cases and she specialises in the detention of patients in maximum and medium security. She is an experienced advocate and a member of the Law Society's Mental Health Panel. Prior to joining TV Edwards Solicitors she has worked for a number of years as a Consultant Solicitor and also as a Director and principal in her own practice.

Mavis also has diverse prior experience in other areas of social welfare law, including immigration, community care, housing and crime, along with many years experience as a supervising solicitor. She continues to represent a large number of restricted mentally disordered offenders detained in various secure hospitals, taking forward cases ranging from Tribunals to Judicial Review, as well as other areas such as complaints. 

Mavis also has extensive experience in working across the legal and psychiatric disciplines. She worked for three years within the Forensic Psychiatry Department at St. George's Hospital Medical School. She was also a Lecturer and Examiner on the Post-Graduate Multi-Disciplinary Diploma in Forensic Mental Health run by that university, and has experience of training in various aspects of related law in other arenas.Mavis was formerly a Member of the Law Society’s Mental Health & Disability Committee for several years and is currently an Assessor on the Law Society’s Mental Health Panel Accreditation Scheme.