Naomi Moore

Naomi Moore

Naomi Moore


Naomi specialises in Housing, Landlord & Tenant Law acting for both tenants and landlords.

Naomi is experienced in all areas of housing law including defending possession proceedings for rent arrears, anti-social behaviour and other breaches of the tenancy; challenging homelessness decisions and disrepair claims.

She advises regularly in possession proceedings including eviction of squatters, mortgage possession cases, tenancy deposit disputes and houses in multiple occupation. Naomi is able to advise on tenancy agreements and landlord disputes.

Naomi is the founder of TenancyRights ® a not-for profit organisation which provides tenants with information, legal updates and developments in housing and landlord & tenant law.

Naomi is the author of the Tenant’s Rights Manual: The Essential Guide to Renting which provides tenants with information and advice on their legal rights. The book was borne out of personally having to challenge a landlord and letting agent and understanding the frustration that someone with no legal knowledge would experience if faced with the same situation.

Naomi has also provided training to voluntary organisations on the areas of legal aid and housing law in addition to providing outreach work as part of a youth homelessness project to young people between the ages of 18-25yrs.

In what spare time Naomi has, she enjoys reading, writing and travelling. Her favourite genre of books is historical fiction.

Notable cases/Awards

Naomi has been successful in obtaining substantial financial compensation for tenants subject to disrepair, in one case obtaining £15,000 for a tenant who was unable to utilise the bedroom in her property because of damp and mould caused by a defective damp proof course.


The Tenant’s Rights Manual: The Essential Guide to Renting (1st Edition) (Published January 2015)

The Tenant’s Rights Manual: The Essential Guide to Renting (2nd Edition) (Published November 2017).