Collaborative Law

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative Law is the legal process of separating couples working together to reach a fair settlement. It involves the parties and their lawyers meeting to discuss terms, usually resulting in an agreement about children, property and finances.

How does Collaborative Law work?

Each person appoints their own lawyer who is trained in Collaborative Law and who provides support and legal advice to their clients throughout the process. The lawyers sign up to an agreement to prioritise the needs of any children and to deal with each other fairly and responsibly as they search for solutions that work best for the family as a whole. The respective lawyers meet together with both parties present face-to-face to try and reach agreement. (These contrasts with mediation where mediators remain impartial and cannot give legal advice or support.)

An agenda is drawn up, setting out everything that needs to be resolved. Each party must disclose financial and personal information and documents so that discussions can be had about the different settlement options that may be available. Almost all of the settlement discussions take place around a table, rather than by correspondence and the aim is to achieve a sound and fair outcome which enables everyone to be able to move forward positively.

Other experts such as accountants, valuers and independent financial advisors can be brought into the process to help resolve issues and assist in the forward-planning.


  • A way of resolving all issues stemming from the breakdown of a relationship, including arrangements for the children.
  • Clients take control of their own process; it’s not about what the lawyers think should be the answer or what the court prescribes.
  • Build better communication, which is important for the future - particularly where you have to decide issues relating to the children.
  • Experienced lawyers work closely with clients to find the best legal and practical solutions for the family as a whole.
  • Usually less expensive than Court proceedings.

Our team of collaborative lawyers

Our Family Law team has a number of Collaborative Law specialists who are experienced in mediation techniques and negotiation. Their involvement has helped successfully resolve difficult family issues, enabling the parties to move on, on the best possible terms.

For information about Collaborative lawyers visit Resolution website

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