Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings

TV Edwards is authorised to conduct MIAMs.  At a MIAM you will be seen by a qualified mediator with experience of family law.  They will be able to investigate with you the best way of resolving the family dispute that you have. We will give you the best information with regard to mediation, collaborative law, arbitration, do-it-yourself services, as well as Family Court proceedings.  We will assess with you whether mediation is suitable for you and your separating partner. We will explain how mediation and collaborative law can really work for you even though you may not be able to discuss any family issues with your separating partner now. Settling matters by using mediation or collaborative law has a very high success rate in resolving children and finance issues.  Settlement reached in mediation and collaborative law is invariably cheaper and much quicker than going to Court. It is always better to have an agreement that you negotiate with our assistance rather than one that is imposed upon you by a Judge. 

Applications to the Family Court cannot be made unless the Applicant has already attended a MIAM and obtained a Certificate from a qualified mediator, unless of course the case is genuinely urgent or there are domestic abuse issues. 

MIAMs are cheap.  Our fee for a MIAM is £75 per person.  If you are eligible for legal aid then the MIAM is free for both you and your separating partner.  See eligibility link:

In order to book a MIAM and find out more about mediation or collaborative law email:, or for appointments with David Emmerson contact