Terms and Conditions for Landlord services

  • Fixed fee prices are based on undefended claims. If the claim is defended, we will advise you on the merits without charge and provide you with a breakdown of any further costs to be incurred.
  • All court fees are included (£280 to issue a possession claim and then £110 to apply for a warrant). VAT is also included.
  • For stage 2, we will go on the court record as acting for you so we can correspond direct with the court. Not all judges make valid decisions. They can get the law wrong and require court hearings to take place. Our fee of £799 for stage 2 covers representing you at one possession hearing under the normal possession procedure. Our fee of £699 does not include representation at a hearing as there should be no hearing under the accelerated procedure. If there is an unexpected hearing listed or an appeal required, we will advise you of any costs to represent you.