TMT Training - Criminal Law Update

Anthony Edwards, a duty solicitor at TV Edwards and author of several publications, including Blackstone's Police Station Handbook, has delivered the popular Criminal Law Update course for a number of years. This autumn it is back, being the usual 6 monthly review of all developments in criminal law from statutory change to investigations, law procedure, sentencing and evidence. But Parliament has been quiet and so Anthony will use the afternoon for an update course on legal aid costs in the criminal courts based on the new LAG publication “Criminal Costs”


  1. Policing and Crime Act 2017 critical parts of which come in to force in April 2017 including
  • The presumption of release without bail
  • Bail time limits and how they can be extended
  • Changes to PACE
  • Increased penalties
  1. Investigatory Powers Act 2017
  2. Police powers
  3. PACE Code developments and Diversion from prosecution
  4. New Criminal Procedure Rules and Criminal Practice Direction
  5. Disclosure from IDPC to PII
  6. Defences to crime; murder and duress involving third parties; lack of capacity
  7. Critical new sentencing guidance and  guidelines
  • Major series of new guidelines for summary only offences in force in April 2017
  • Definitive guideline on the use of community orders and custody
  • Guidance on excess drugs

9   Litigators’ and advocates’ fees including page count

On the course delegates will receive the extensive course notes and a booklet , supplemental to the Magistrates’ court handbook ,with all new guidelines



Venues to be confirmed

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