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Top 10 tips to stay safe in Festivals

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The festival season is finally upon us and whatever the weather we Brits will be making the most of it!  So, for those lucky enough to have scooped up tickets to the hottest festivals like Glastonbury (which I am on my way to), here are my top 10 tips to stay safe and happy.

Top 10 Tips:

  1. Don’t take any valuables: You will not find anywhere that is particularly safe to leave your valuables and from my experience you won’t need them. I would suggest investing in an old phone, where the battery-life will last longer and you can still get in contact with people for emergencies.
  2. Camp up somewhere good and remember where your tent is: Festival sites are big, make sure you study the site map carefully before you camp up, stay away from footpaths, bins, toilets and bottom of hills. Once you’ve decided on a spot remember the location ( if you are really organised mark it on the map)– most festival sites start to look the same, so remember some landmarks when you set up camp, put up a flag or bunting so your tent stands out.
  3. Stay away from risky food tents – Make sure you look around for high quality food places, do not stick with the first one you see, if you think it looks a bit dodgy that’s because it probably is. Stashing a few of your favourite snacks in your backpack may be a really good call.
  4. Do not take any clothes or shoes you care about- they’re likely to get ruined, borrowed, lost or left behind.
  5. Keep keys and emergency cash in a safe place – The golden rule is to always keep your keys and cash on you preferably inside a zipped pocket. I know it goes without saying but never leave these items in your tent if you want to see them again.
  6. Lock up your tent- Whenever you leave your tent unoccupied use a small padlock, to secure it. Yes a tent is just some fabric with a zip, but a lock will make it a little harder to get in to.
  7. Keep calm- Festivals are busy and noisy places; bare this in mind and don't be easily irritated by being pushed or someone stepping on your toes. If you don’t do well in crowds stay right at the back of any main stages and out of enclosed areas, there will still be lots to see and do.
  8. Stay on the main roads- At night stay on the main roads in the campsites. Don't go exploring darker and quieter areas. Wherever possible plan your trips back to the tent around friends.
  9. Campsite staff- A good thing to note is that there are campsite staff, so if you ever feel nervous or uncertain introduce yourself to the staff, show them where your tent is, and ask them to keep an eye out.
  10. Stay alert and use your common sense- The same rules apply to when you go on a night out, do not share alcohol with strangers, leave your drink unattended or try illegal substances.