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How to change your status without using Facebook

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As a family solicitor I am only too aware of the difficulties people face when dealing with relationship breakdowns. This is why myself, James Gill a Financial Advisor and Angela Coley a Personal Performance Coach have come together to create a seminar for those facing challenges within their relationship breakdown.

Our aim is to help people create a plan, because without a plan, you leave yourself vulnerable and exposed to the elements. Gaining legal advice can help you across many challenges you face with children and finances. Having a financial plan in these tough economic times is just the ambition you need to give you confidence, alleviate stress and offer peace of mind knowing you are going to be able to enjoy your future. Through coaching, we enable clients to establish their personal baseline, before identifying an ultimate destination. We then agree the steps and appropriate strategies to ensure positive outcomes.  ​

If you would like to regain control of your life following a relationship breakdown or major change in your status please book onto our seminar today. The seminar is free of charge just remember to book in advance as there is limited places available. Click here for ticket information.