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P3- Proud. Professional. Parents

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On the 25th September, as a TV Edwards solicitor I supported the London launch of P3- Proud. Professional. Parents.

P3 is a newly established professional networking group aimed at professionals in London who have an interest in LGBT parenting. The network aims to target LGBT parents and prospective parents and their allies, including those in senior leadership positions across the City.

The purpose of the network is primarily social and to provide support, it is also keen to deliver a learning element and focus on issues such as rights for LGBT employees at work and educating LGBT parents and prospective parents on the choices available to them when starting a family.

Claire Harvey, the captain of the Women's seated volleyball team at the London 2012 Olympics was an inspiring speaker at the launch, she delivered wise words on balancing the demands of work, family and other commitments in way which set the tone for the network and support that P3 seeks to offer.

Future plans for the P3 network are published on its website and include:

  • The P3 Intimate & Interactive Series. An opportunity to come and meet individual P3s and hear their personal story about how they became and how they currently manage being a proud professional parent.

The P3 Power Breakfast and P3 Power Lunch Series: Developed to allow members access to an educational curriculum of events targeted around LGBT parenting rights and issues.