Family Law Solicitors in Whitechapel

As one of the leading firms for family law in London, you can expect an exceptional service from our specialist family law solicitors in Whitechapel. Whether you’re looking to protect your interests ahead of marriage or your relationship has come to an end, you can rely on our team to guide you through to the next stage of your life with minimal fuss. We understand that issues surrounding relationships and children can be sensitive, so we will always approach each case with care, taking the time to understand your needs and objectives in order to secure the right outcome.

Why choose TV Edwards family law solicitors in Whitechapel?

Accredited by the Law Society for our expert knowledge and dedication to client care, our family solicitors in Whitechapel are recognised throughout the city for the reliable service we deliver. When you instruct a member of our team, we will build our service around you. That’s because we know that no two families are alike, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to each and every issue. Upon your first appointment, we will discuss the details of your circumstances and determine the best approach in resolving the issue.

When we work for you, our aim will be to find the quickest, surest and most amicable route to resolution. We adhere to the Resolution Code of Practice and The Law Society’s Family Law Protocol and we are experienced in alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and collaborative law. If there is potential for using these techniques to resolve your dispute, we will, saving you a significant amount of time, stress and costs involved with family disputes. If communications have broken down and an amicable resolution is not possible, rest assured that our expert team of family law solicitors in Whitechapel will not hesitate in taking action to protect your interests and secure a stable future for you and your family.

As well as divorce and dissolution, our vast experience assisting families through difficult or delicate circumstances provides a sense of reassurance for our clients. While these issues are often emotionally challenging, our service puts you in the drivers seat, giving you control over your case and your costs.
Where Legal Aid is not available we can quote you a competitive price for our work, and will always be upfront and transparent in regards to your fees from day one.

Family Law Resources in Whitechapel

Whitechapel Council – Family Information Service

The Tower Hamlets council (incorporating Whitechapel) provides useful information for parents in regards to childcare, educational needs and health services. Follow the link above for a list of resources in your local community.

Citizens Advice Bureau in Whitechapel

If you are facing a family law issue and wish to gain a general overview of your options, you may find it useful to make an appointment for a free one-off session with your local citizens advice bureau.

Family Law Courts in Whitechapel

Above you will find the details for the family law court nearest to Whitechapel. Should your family law issue escalate beyond cooperation and court proceedings become necessary, rest assured that our expert family solicitors will be on hand for strategic advice and representation.