TV Edwards Mark Ashford wins LALY award

TV Edwards LLP are incredibly proud of Mark Ashford who has won the LALY( Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year) award in the criminal defence category.

Mark has worked tirelessly in youth justice for the last 22 years to protect the rights and welfare of children within the criminal justice system.

The LALY awards celebrate the work of all legal aid lawyers, without whom, true access to justice would not be possible. TV Edwards are incredibly grateful for the work of all of our team, solicitors and support staff alike, who battle against the odds to represent the most vulnerable in society day in day out. Mark's award not only recognises Mark's exceptional talent, but recognises the teams commitment to justice and dedication to their clients.

Marks nominees said:

Mark has spent his distinguished career representing children from some of the
most disadvantaged backgrounds in our society where gang culture is often rife.
Mark goes far beyond what is expected of him engaging with education and housing agencies on behalf of his vulnerable clients.  Marks commitment to his clients is exceptional which is why he is able to gain their trust and is constantly recommended regardless of gang affiliations.
Mark was, and remains, one of the most talented lawyers I have ever worked with. He is
unquestionably the leading lawyer representing young people in the UK, and has been for his entire
career. Mark is fantastically clever and could have walked into any of the well-paid, big commercial
law firms after law school, but he opted to work with some of the most demanding, challenging
clients possible: juvenile offenders. He is liked and feared by judges as he tends to know more than
they do about the law to be applied.

Julian Overton Managing Partner at TV Edwards said:

We at TV Edwards are acutely aware of Marks many talents, he is also however an incredibly modest man who considers the outcomes he achieves reward enough. There has never been anyone quite so deserving of this LALY and I am grateful for the opportunity it provides to all of us who work with Mark, to recognise his true commitment determination and passion for youth justice work.