TV Edwards represent demonstrator seriously injured by police at anti-fascist demonstration

Felix Couchman head of Actions Against the Police department is acting for Amy Jowett, who was seriously injured when she was repeatedly kicked by a police officer whilst she was attending an anti-fascist demonstration in Central London last summer.

Amy, an English language tutor living in Hackney was at a “Unite against Fascism” protest on 1st June 2013. At approximately 4.00 pm, as she was peacefully demonstrating as part of a group attempting to prevent British National Party supporters from marching to Whitehall, she was kicked, below the knee, three times by a police officer from the police line facing the anti-fascist demonstrators. As a consequence Amy sustained an extremely serious injury to her left leg, (a compression fracture), with the bone being fractured in four places. The injury has, to date, necessitated three operations and is highly likely to result in permanent damage and loss of mobility. Whilst in hospital police officers also tried to inappropriately speak to Amy about the incident on two separate occasions, once as she was receiving emergency treatment shortly after having been rushed into hospital.

Recently Amy Jowett has come forward to say;

The officer who assaulted me has disabled and disfigured me. I struggle to walk around the corner to catch a bus and don't know how it will affect my job. It is unlikely that I will ever get full mobility back to my leg.

Following submission of a formal complaint, the incident is currently the subject of an on-going internal investigation by the Metropolitan Police, with the investigation being overseen by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Police have recently identified two officers who were at the scene and who are to be formally interviewed in connection with the incident. It is also now just over a year since the incident.​  

Felix Couchman quoted:

“The impact of this incident on Amy has been life changing. It is critical that the matter is fully investigated and that the police officer responsible is identified and fully held to account”.   

Note to editors: Felix Couchman is a Partner at TV Edwards and a specialist in Actions Against the Police. TV Edwards have 6 offices across London and also specialise in Crime, Family, Housing, Community Care and Mental Health Law. For further information please contact  Jane Pritchard on 0203 440 8202, 07786 15 11 66 or