Divorce ends a marriage but not the couples financial claims

Everyone wonders what they would do if they were to become a millionaire!  If you had not concluded financial claims on divorce then the first thing an separated or ex-spouse would likely do is make a financial claim! 

Such a scenario is not just one of fantasy and arose in the recent appeal case of Wyatt v Vince [2015].  At the time of the separation and subsequent divorce the husband was not able to make a financial contribution to the wife and a financial settlement was not reached.  The husband later became a successful businessman and a multi-millionaire and the court recently allowed the wife to make a claim for financial relief some 18 years after decree absolute.

We understand that divorce is an unexpected cost and if you reach a verbal agreement with your spouse or have limited assets it may be tempting to leave it at that.  

You may save money now but for how long?  At TV Edwards we offer a fixed fee consultation in which we can advise you of the implications of divorce on your financial circumstances and options available to bring about finality and peace of mind.