Public children law cases

Leading solicitor Deborah Piccos at TV Edwards LLP was invited to participate in a working group run by Her Honour Judge Purkiss at the East London Family Court, this is to help increase awareness of and to develop better systems to deal with public children law cases (child protection matters) with an international element under the Brussels II Convention.  

The working group met in September and has resolved to develop a questionnaire to be completed by local authorities and parent representatives, this will be used by the Court with the aim of identifying these cases early on in the proceedings, so that they can be dealt with properly and expeditiously.  Deborah added her experience of Brussels II cases and the issues they present following her involvement as junior counsel last year on two reported Brussels II cases LA v ML & Ors [2013] 2062 (Fam) and LA V ML & Ors [2013] 2063 (Fam).

The working group will meet again in October to refine the questionnaire.  Follow this news article for further updates and information about this development.

TV Edwards LLP welcomes this further opportunity to work in collaboration with a local court on such an important initiative.