T V Edwards LLP and Oxford University Press



TOYNBEE HALL LONDON   14th November 2014

On Thursday evening T V Edwards and OUP organised at Toynbee Hall a book launch for the 2014 edition of their Magistrates Court Handbook, written by senior partner Anthony Edwards, and for their new handbook dealing with youths in the criminal justice system written by partner Mark Ashford and District Judge Naomi Redhouse

Toynbee Hall was formed as the first of the university settlements in 1884 to give future leaders a chance to see the poverty and deprivation of the area and to develop practical solutions. Clement Atlee and William Beveridge both took advantage of the opportunity. However Toynbee has a close connection also with the youth justice system. Jane Addams, who later won the Nobel peace prize, visited from the United States in 1888. Impressed by what she saw she took the settlement concept back to Chicago setting up the Hull House Settlement. As a result of her campaigning Cook County set up the first juvenile court in the world in 1899. The concept spread back to the England which in the Children Act 1908 established the juvenile court system. The juvenile court attached to Old Street Magistrates’ Court sat at Toynbee Hall for many years

Guests on the evening included the Chief Magistrate, district judges, court  legal advisers,  solicitors, barristers, and those who work in Youth Offending teams . Representatives of the team responsible at OUP for the publication of the Blackstone series also attended

More information about crime in East End at the time juvenile courts were created can be found at  http://kar.kent.ac.uk/13035/3/Juvenile_courts_and_juvenile_delinquency.pdf   More information about the Blackstone handbooks can be found at http://ukcatalogue.oup.com