TV Edwards Goes Overseas!

T.V. Edwards are delighted to announce that Charlotte Collier (one of the Child care Consultants) has been appointed to the post of Public Solicitor - Civil and Public Childcare on the island of St Helena. This is a new post created within the Office of the Public Law Solicitor which provides legal advice and representation to the 4,500 residents on the Island.

Charlotte will be leaving the UK on 30/08/2015 to take up her new role which is for a year, she will representing parents on applications made by the Safeguarding Dept in the Magistrates and the Supreme Court; these applications are the equivalent of care proceedings in England and Wales. The law on St Helena is found in the Ordinances and the law relating to children is broadly parallel to the Children Act 1989.

St Helena is an internally self-governing Overseas Territory of the UK and is located in the South Atlantic approx 4,000 miles from the UK. The climate is warm but temperate and the Island looks to be very beautiful. This is an interesting time for the Island as the airport is due to open in 2016 which it is anticipated will bring tourists and help develop the Island.

Charlotte is looking forward to her new role working on Island providing representation and advice to the “Saints”. Hopefully Charlotte will be able to keep us up to date with everything.

On her return Charlotte will be re-joining our large expert public law team at TV Edwards on a day to day basis