Company Law Solicitors in London

Incorporating your Company

We can form (incorporate) your company and deal with the processes and procedures for transferring shares both within and outside of the company. We can assist you in dealing with statutory books records and returns. We can draft Articles of Association to suit your special requirements. We can advise generally on the many and complex and related legislation provisions of Companies Act and related laws and regulations.

Shareholder Agreements

We can help you put together a shareholders’ agreement to help provide clarity and peace of mind to all shareholders about who can sell shares and to whom and for how much and what happens if there is a dispute or if things go wrong. We can build in sensible protections for the benefit of the company as a whole. We can advise on the protection of minority interests.

Acquisitions & Disposals

Whether buying or selling, you should involve us from the very beginning in your management team. Let us help you deal with your transaction from the outset by handling advance preparation, negotiating heads of terms. We can prepare and negotiate a non-disclosure agreement to obtain or to disclose safeguarded confidential information. We can be help you with preparation or response  to the most wide ranging legal due diligence enquiries or responses and in negotiating the acquisition documentation and guiding you through to completion.

Joint Ventures 

We can assist in the management of collaborative joint venture and shareholder agreements and shareholders' agreements advise on the contributions and division of assets in the event of a failure and also protect the joint-venture’s property including intellectual property. We can advise on the protection of minority interests.