Employment Law Solicitors London

At TV Edwards we deliver clear, expert employment law advice to individuals and businesses.

We recognise that every client, and their legal issue, is different. That is why we are relied on as Employment Solicitors who quickly grasp the facts, understand the context and design the best route through.

We can provide as much or as little advice and support as you need, and you can choose to instruct us on a one-off basis, or as a regular service to compliment your business needs.


Difficulties at work can undermine your confidence and make you deeply unhappy.

If your relationship with your employer has become difficult, or has broken down completely, you should look into how the law could help you.   You may have been dismissed by your employer and think it was unfair. Your employer may be treating you less favourably than your colleagues. You may feel that you are being discriminated against. Perhaps your company has recently been taken over and you are being paid less than before.  Maybe your employer has suddenly taken away or reduced an employment benefit, or has called you to a disciplinary hearing.

Employment law covers a whole host of workplace-related scenarios. Our Employment Law Solicitors are here to advise you, whatever stage the situation has reached. We can help you resolve issues before they get out of hand, negotiate with your employer, or represent you in the Employment Tribunal.

In us you are guaranteed plain-speaking Employment Law Solicitors who will deliver the best possible result for you.


Disputes in the workplace can have a serious effect on relationships, morale and an organisation’s profitability. Our Employment Law Solicitors will help you put the right measures in place to minimise the risk of disagreements happening and to protect your business from employment law claims.

Written policies are essential. They set out what is expected of staff and, in turn, you as an employer. They must be clear, comprehensive and up-to-date and, most importantly, observed by everyone in the workplace. They may also help you show that you are complying with current regulations and meeting the requirements of “kite marks” and other professional standards.

We can prepare a set of policies for you, tailoring them to your business. We can also draft individual or a suite of employment law contracts and advise on any issues that arise out of these.

Much of what we do is to support employers in the workforce-related decisions they make and in the actions they take. From disciplinary issues to sick leave to handling redundancies, our team is expertly placed to guide you through the legalities and the practicalities. We’ll help you settle difficult cases or will represent you at the Employment Tribunal.

It’s a rounded service, and one which is relied on by large and small employers.

Our service includes:

  • Preparing and advising on contracts of employment and contracts of service.
  • Preparing and advising on workplace policies such as absence and sickness.
  • Preparing and advising on compromise agreements.
  • Advising on termination of employment and redundancy.
  • Advising on TUPE arrangements.
  • Pursuing and defending the full range of Employment Tribunal cases, including claims for dismissal, breach of contract and discrimination.
  • Representing clients at hearings before professional bodies, for example Health Care and Professions Council and The Teaching Agency.

Funding your case

Where Legal Aid is not available we can quote you a competitive fixed price for our work.
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