Child Arrangements

How can family mediation help with arrangements for our child or children?

  • The ending of a relationship can be a very stressful time. It can be even more difficult if you are worried about your children's future
  • Mediation can help you stand back from the problems between you and your ex-partner and focus on what is important, the welfare and well-being of your children
  • As parents, you know your children best; we can help you make the best decisions for their future
  • We can also look at specific matters or a whole parenting plan. We can talk about issues such as:
    • How the children will be told about the changes they may be facing
    • Where they will live
    • Child maintenance
    • How and when the children will see the non-resident parent
    • Relationships with the wider family
    • How changes to the arrangements will be negotiated
    • Holiday arrangements
    • How you will be involved in your children's education
    • How you can both make decisions about the children and the future
    • How you can communicate your views without having disagreements that spiral out of control
  • Children are always put at the centre of any discussions, you will be encouraged to view all decisions through the eyes of your child or children and to think about what they need from you as parents
  • Sometimes it can be appropriate for your child or children to have a meeting with a specially trained mediator. Both parents, the child and the mediator all have to agree that this would be beneficial before this takes place