Finance & Property

There are four stages to mediating about property and finance:

  1. You will need to agree to make full disclosure of all of your assets and liabilities, we also look at the income and needs of each person
  2. We will look at the options available and examine how they would work in practice
  3. We then set out proposals for the division and allocation of the assets and liabilities. You can talk these through with a legal adviser at this stage
  4. We can then write up your agreement, you can take this to your solicitor who can draw up a consent order for you to make the agreement legally binding
  • When discussing your options we will look at the best ways of dealing with property, pensions and all savings and investments. We look at mortgages, loans and other borrowings and can also look at child or spousal maintenance
  • At any point in mediation the mediator may suggest you seek specialist professional advice or information to help you make informed decisions, as would be the case if you were consulting a solicitor
  • The more information you have the easier it will be to make informed decisions for your future
  • The Ministry of Justice and Advice Now have produced a “'survival guide” to sorting your finances when divorcing  
  • The guide provides information about financial settlements for couples who are getting divorced or ending a civil partnership. It aims to help you understand more about what a judge might do in a case like yours to give you a better chance of making a fair agreement with your ex without having to go to court