Funding your case for a driving offence

Legal Aid is not always available for most driving offences, however where it is available we will advise you on eligibility. Where Legal Aid is not available we offer a service based on either a fixed fee scheme or hourly rates, depending on the circumstances and complexity of your case. Our typical fixed fee scheme is below.

Initial advice

For full advice, always confirmed in writing with in two working days, there would be a fee of £200. This includes:

o    detailed consultation with you

o    consideration of any documents

o    a detailed letter of advice setting out the legal position and your options.

In appropriate circumstances and for an additional fee of  £200 we will:

o    Draft a plea in mitigation and send it to the relevant court; and

o    Draft a letter asking the prosecuting authority to discontinue  the case or substitute a lesser charge.

Representation at court

To represent you at a magistrate’s court hearing the fee would be £400.

Representation at trial

For representation at a magistrate’s court trial, the fee would be £1,200 for the first day and an additional fee of £600 for each subsequent day.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.