Billing Infrastructure Consultancy

Our billing department is  at the very centre of TV Edwards digital systems and business  innovation. Having developed software to track our billing through government and judicial gateways we have management information most firms aspire  to. Not only is the bespoke software cutting edge, its implementation across the practice, with the engagement of every fee earner is we believe unique.

We offer consultancy services on billing practices. It’s not about selling software, rather providing the insight and often resource to our legal aid partners in other firms, so that they don’t need to reinvent the wheel. The  consultancy services in advanced billing and digital file management practices, enable our peers to benefit from the economies of scale of TV Edwards large central infrastructure. Sharing technological innovation and thus collectively improving the resilience and profitability of the legal aid sector. We consider it is more important than ever to stand together when delivering legal aid services,  far from wanting to eliminate competition, we seek to strengthen it.

Services currently offered:

  • Billing and accounts review of practices and report back on suggested changes.
  • Billing consultancy with short term provision of billing services.
  • Training for billing staff and fee earners in legal aid and private cost management.
  • Full billing consultancy services including secondment of TVE staff to undertake billing off site.


For a free telephone consultation please contact Jane Pritchard